Say goodbye to your double chin

Get rid of double chin without surgery

People with a double chin have a dull, bloated face that really doesn't flatter them. This aesthetic defect distorts the outline of the face's oval shape and eliminates the angle between the neck and the chin. It ages the face prematurely, no wonder then that it is cited as being as disturbing as the wrinkles around the eyes!

This condition is common in many adults who have a healthy weight and is therefore not always associated with being overweight.

  • List of targeted issues

    Submental plumpness caused by aging, genetics, or weight gain

  • Treated zones

    Submental region

A Personnalized Treatment

The Belkyra® treatment is an injectable drug based on deoxycholic acid that permanently dissolves double chin fat. Deoxycholic acid is a bile acid that occurs naturally in the human body and whose main function is to eliminate dietary fat as it passes through the intestine. It weakens the membrane of adipocytes, which leads to the release of fatty acids in the body and their elimination by natural means permanently and without surgery. Ideal for patients with mild to moderate double chin fullness.

This treatment is personalized to the patient's goals according to medical recommendations
and is also approved by Health Canada.


    On average, you may need 2 to 6 treatments to achieve the desired results.

  • Price

    Starting at 750$


Belkyra treatments are personalized to the patient's goals according to medical recommendations. Belkyra® is injected under the skin directly into the double chin by micro-injection.

The number of injections during the same session varies from 20 to 50 depending on the amount of fat eliminated. Each treatment lasts approximately 20 minutes. The injection's result can be appreciated immediately. You will be able to see the optimal result 3-4 weeks after the procedure.

  • Side effects

    The side effects last an average of 2 to 15 days

    • Superficial redness
    • Light bleeding
    • Hematoma or bruising at injection sites
    • Sensitivity
    • Swelling

    • Patients who are hypersensitive to this drug or to any of the ingredients in its preparation or components of the container.
    • Presence of infection in the treatment area.
    • Pregnancy and breast feeding.
    • Taking certain antibiotics

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